CryptoWall is back

The ransomware virus, CryptoWall, is increasing its attacks. The virus is spread through email attachments, either Word or .zip. The subject lines and content of the actual emails are changing rapidly, but some of them include:

Your payment was processed
Your package was delivered
 Your receipt is attached
Notice of court appearance

This is what happens when an attachment is opened […]

The Cost of Old Technology

This article originally appeared on CNN Money

Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) pulled support for Windows XP last year, and will no longer issue security updates to fix major holes in the software. Companies and agencies that are still running XP have the option of paying Microsoft for continued Windows XP updates, which provide an essential line of […]

LastPass Hacked,Exposing Encrypted Master Passwords

On Monday, June 15, 2015, LastPass announced a security breach that comprised email addresses and encrypted master passwords.

What’s LastPass?
A password manager that keeps your password for any site on file. Instead of logging onto numerous sites and having to remember complex passwords, you only have to remember one Master password. It allows users the ability […]

Major Mac Flaw

A major Mac flaw has been reported by researchers at Indiana University. We mentioned in an earlier post that Macs rarely get hacked because Apple assigns a BID to all safe programs. Those BIDs are kept in a Keychain. The researchers found a way for malicious applications to “cross over” into other apps by slipping […]

Is it a virus?

PCI Compliance and Microsoft Server 2003

On July 14, 2015 Microsoft will no longer support Server 2003. This will open up a large security gap in any business’ network that still uses the server. But there is another reason to upgrade. If your business accepts credit or debit cards, you’ll be out of compliance with the PCI.

Q: What is PCI?

A: The […]

When to Not DIY: Updating Your Software

Flash Player. Adobe Reader. Dropbox. Evernote. iTunes. Spotify. The Internet provides us with an amazing array of cheap and free applications to make our lives more productive and more entertaining. Millions of people download programs like these, and many more besides, at home and at work. The bad guys out there know this, though, and […]

History of Technology—Naval Computers


Technology is a rapidly changing field. Computers that use to fill an entire room are now the size of a fingernail. One example is the computer system that was developed by the U.S. Navy in the 1950s. The Navy techs who worked on these massive computers were enlisted men that were given the rating of DS […]

4 Safe Computing Habits

A major factor in your computer’s health and security is how you use it. Below are four safe computing habits you should be following.

Don’t use Internet Explorer unless you have to. IE shares a large branch of its programming code with the file browser in the operating system, so anything that compromises the security of […]

Types of IT Networks

Network technology and security are important aspects of your business’s IT needs. However it can be difficult to understand because the average person never sees it. It’s something that happens in the background and goes unnoticed by the user until something goes wrong.

Below are brief descriptions and analogies of the network technologies we work with […]