Virtualization, and Why it Matters

“Virtualization” refers to utilizing one physical server to do the tasks of multiple servers. In the past, you’d have one server for your email, another for your backups, and another for your files. With virtualization, you can build all three servers on one physical piece of hardware. You should care because, virtual servers have a […]

Backup Policy

Common Question We Encounter

I know my company needs to do regular backups, but the process slows down our network. Is there a better way? Yes, but it will affect your backup quality. There are two main ways of doing backups. The first is to use a solution that features multiple snapshots of your data throughout […]

Network Security

The number one best practice for network security is to install a firewall—we recommend Sophos UTM and Sonicwall. There are some additional practices that the end user can do to help protect their computer, but those practices will do no good if a firewall isn’t in place. End User Safe Web Use Tips (1) Limit […]

Anti-Virus Software Recommendation

Our #1 recommendation are anti-virus software is Sophos, but there are some other alternatives out there such as Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, etc. Whatever antivirus you use, make sure your subscription is current and you get those regular updates. The malware writers of the world are a tricky bunch, always coming up with new ways […]

What is a “business class computer”

…and does it really matter if your company uses consumer class PCs instead? A business class computer is one that is built to order and can handle constant use—its components are less likely to break. In general, consumer PCs come in standard configurations, are built with flimsy parts, and are not as robust. The difference […]

Upgrading from Windows XP

Earlier in 2015, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. Often, the need and ability to upgrade comes into question. Here are the two most common questions we’re asked.

I know Microsoft XP is old, but I really like it. Why should I upgrade? First off, you’re not alone, 44% of businesses are still running XP on at […]

Transitioning to a Mac Office

As the use of Mac computers in the workspace increases, it’s important to be aware of the challenges a Mac network presents.

Before making the switch, avoid a costly mistake by doing an audit of all the software programs you are currently using and verify that they are OS compatible. Most major software packages are, but sometimes […]

Benefits of Using an IT Agency

A question we are often asked is why a business should use an IT agency instead of hiring an employee directly?

It essentially comes down to what you get for the money. Hiring a qualified, fulltime IT Network Manager will cost a minimum of $75,000, plus benefits. By outsourcing to an agency, you can get an […]

5 Tech Hacks

That make life easier

The first two hacks are only available to those with Andriod phones (sorry iPhone).

Find My Phone. When you can’t figure out where your cell phone is, go to and type, “find my phone”. You’ll be prompted to re-enter your Google account password. Then your phone’s location will appear on Maps. If […]

14 Things You Can Do in Windows 10 That You Couldn’t Do in Windows 8

This article originally appeared on Field Guide
Did you hear there’s a new version of Windows in town? If your Windows 8-toting friends ask you exactly what you can do with the new Windows 10 that they can’t do on their own machines, here’s what to tell them. These are some of the best new features […]