4 Safe Computing Habits

A major factor in your computer’s health and security is how you use it. Below are four safe computing habits you should be following.

Don’t use Internet Explorer unless you have to. IE shares a large branch of its programming code with the file browser in the operating system, so anything that compromises the security of […]

Types of IT Networks

Network technology and security are important aspects of your business’s IT needs. However it can be difficult to understand because the average person never sees it. It’s something that happens in the background and goes unnoticed by the user until something goes wrong.

Below are brief descriptions and analogies of the network technologies we work with […]

Can Macs Get Viruses?

For The Google Lovers

Google Now is no longer only available to Android phone users. It can be accessed through the Google Chrome browser on desktops. Given its widespread availability, here’s a list of functions that Google Now can perform:

Most basic math questions and some advanced ones. Example: “What’s 59854857 + 485?” and “What’s cosine 354”?  It does however […]

Know Thine Enemy

Internet TV’s Big Chance to Oust Cable Is Almost Here

This article originally appeared on Wired.com on 3/19/15

INTERNET TELEVISION’S TURNING point—the time when we can finally cut the cable cord—is almost here.

On March 18,2015, in three American cities, Sony launched an internet television service that streams more than 50 channels into homes via its PlayStation game consoles. And little more than a day earlier, word arrived that Apple is […]

Google Discovers New Hack Technique

This article orginally appeared on Wired.com and was written by Andy Greenberg


AS MOORE’S LAW has packed more and more transistors onto a single memory chip, scientists have fretted for years that electric charges that “leak” out from those tiny components might cause unpredictable errors in neighboring semiconductors. But now a team of Google researchers has demonstrated […]

Our Top Security Concerns

Security is always a top concern at Resource One. Here are two of the biggest threats to your data, hardware and software.

FREAK. This is a serious flaw in online encryption affecting many sites across the internet that use Secure Sockets Layer protocol, commonly referred to as SSL Certificates. FREAK takes advantage of a flaw that […]

OS X Yosemite v10.10.3—Apple’s response to Windows 10

Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch, Apple has announced its release of OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. While this release is being referred to as an “update”, it offers a significant change to iPhoto Library. However, in typical Apple fashion, little concrete details have been released regarding the other changes.

Here’s what we know […]

Windows 10 Coming Soon Why You Should Upgrade

Windows 10 will be the first major update to the Microsoft operating system since 2012. A free upgrade will be available to users that currently have Windows 7 or greater installed; however the upgrade must be installed within one year of the release date in order to be free!

For the first time Microsoft used an […]