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Three steps to an efficient, attainable IT fitness goal for your small business.

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape. Getting fit shouldn’t be limited to individuals; businesses need to flex their muscles too. In today’s business climate, technology is a key component to any organization. If your tech is in poor shape, your business is left trying to pull its weight with flabby muscles. Thankfully, a thoughtful IT workout should get your tech back in shape to start the new year off right.


1. Take a tech inventory of your small business.

Download and Print our IT Audit Worksheet. Filling out this worksheet will enable you to visualize, in one place, all the technology components you have at your disposal. If you have a gap or an un-met need, make note of that as well.


2. Perform a SWOT analysis for your small business.

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Create four columns on a sheet of paper (or a spreadsheet, if you prefer your keyboard to a pen or pencil) and think about how these qualities pertain to your business.


Start with your strengths. Whatever your business is doing right, whatever it is that you’re really on top of. It could be customer service, speed, competitive pricing, whatever. Then continue by listing your company’s weaknesses. What bottlenecks are slowing your progress? What limits the strengths you just listed?


Next, think about the opportunities your business can capitalize on in the coming year. Examine your target market; look at what your competition is up to. Think of ways you can fill a need or a niche better than your competitors can. Finally, examine the threats your company faces in the coming year. This could be rising costs, new competition, aging equipment—anything that threatens to keep your business from thriving.


This process will give you a clear view of what you have going for you, and what you’re up against.


3. Determine IT goals for your business.

After examining your SWOT analysis, identify three or four business goals for the coming year.  Overcoming a weakness or threat, building on a strength or neutralizing a threat are all good choices. Remember, the best goals are challenging, but attainable.


Now that you’ve identified your top goals, let’s go back to your IT Audit Worksheet. Identify the tech tools you have at your disposal that will help you meet each objective.  You may find gaps in your tech needs, or places where your current technology tools are outdated. In fact, the business IT landscape shifts so rapidly that it’s very likely you will.


That’s where Resource One can help you meet—and exceed—your business’s goals.

As the IT world evolves, so should you. Looking at your objectives and matching them with your current IT infrastructure will help you determine your needs. We can help you identify the most cost-effective solutions to get your tech tools into shape for the new year.


You owe it to yourself to make the most of your company’s technology assets. Give us a call at 503-640-5100 or contact us online. We’ll whip your tech into shape without your having to break a sweat.