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IT Management

You have a business to run. With Resource One on the job, you can focus on what you’re good at, letting us manage your information technology needs. We’ll take the reins and maintain your IT systems, every hour of every day.

  • IT system monitoring: constant oversight to make sure your systems remain safe and secure
  • Preventive maintenance: spotting and repairing problems before they disrupt your network to reduce the likelihood of downtime
  • Flat rate IT services: no hidden costs or surprise fees
  • Conveniently scheduled repairs and maintenance: you deserve to work without interruption, so we’ll work when you don’t.

Information Technology is a crucial tool for modern businesses. Resource One’s proactive IT management program will make your technology work for you, not the other way around.


In today’s business world, every company needs IT professionals on-hand to manage their technology needs. However, hiring a qualified full-time employee for this purpose can be cost prohibitive, particularly of your IT needs vary from month to month. For this reason, an IT consulting firm like Resource One can add significant value to your business.

Resource One Can Be Your IT Department

You’ll have the IT management you need, when you need it. This can eliminate the hassle of unpredictable service calls and fees. You’ll be able to budget for your IT department well in advance and have full departmental support. This may include:

  • System Monitoring
  • Data protection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Disaster recovery

Additionally, we can reinforce your IT department when a large project exceeds their scope. When your business is ready to upgrade or expand, don’t let technology be the bottleneck slowing your growth. Resource One is ready to assist with:

  • Network upgrades
  • Server migration
  • New hardware or software implementation
  • We can step up and assist with any finite project that doesn’t warrant hiring additional full-time IT professionals.

Help Desk Support

We know how frustrating a call to technical support can be.
No one enjoys the thought of calling a support line, only to get the runaround from some impersonal, time-wasting automated series of recordings. Speaking with a help desk professional who knows nothing about your business or your IT environment isn’t much more appealing.

24/7 Help Desk Access

By choosing Resource One for your IT needs, you’ll have 24/7 access to our help staff. And we do things a little bit differently. Our highly trained, personable technicians are based in North America and speak fluent English. They’ll have access to background information about your individual IT structure.

Whatever the size or business niche of your organization, you’ll get the help you need, when you need it. We think you’ll be impressed at the ease of communication and the swiftness with which our support personnel can resolve individual issues great and small.

IT Project Support

Few companies have the in-house IT support to implement large scale IT projects smoothly, yet the cost of poor implementation can mean serious downtime for your organization.

Resource One IT Project Team

Resource One is well equipped to supplement your existing IT team and ensure a smooth IT project implementation. We can plug gaps in resourcing, or simply make sure the all hands are on deck when the project goes live.

Whether you are looking to integrate new software into your work-flow, upgrade hardware, switch servers, or have another IT project, support from Resource One will help make sure your IT staff have more bandwidth to ensure a smooth project delivery, and have the resources to accommodate any unexpected issues that may occur throughout implementation.

Our experience is our strength

Resource One has been providing first in class IT services since 1997. You can trust us to get it right, and you can trust us to be there when it counts.

Proactive IT Management

Proactive IT Management to Keep Your Network Secure and Running

Help Desk

24/7 Access to Our Help Desk


Highly Trained and Personable Technicians

Single Project

Available for Project Work

Outsourced IT

Complete Outsourced IT Department


Flat-Fee Managed Services Rates

I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with the Resource One team for over a dozen years and it has always been a real treat for us….  I can’t speak more highly of them, and I’m sure you will feel the same!

Albert Clement, Nautilus Net, Inc


Resource One has been serving customers across Oregon and SW Washington since 1997. We’re ready to help you too. Give us a call.