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Information Technology is an always evolving field. Staying on top of the latest developments in software, data storage and security is crucial to keeping any business running smoothly. We at Resource One are continually updating our knowledge and skill sets to keep ahead of the curve—and ensure our clients have best in class IT support. Recently, to ensure we keep up with industry trends, we embarked on a process to become Certified as Apple Consultants. Many of our clients have both Windows and Apple devices, and we are no able to offer comprehensive support for all their technology needs.

Certified Apple Consultants

Members of the Apple Consultants Network, or ACN, must pass a comprehensive set of exams in order to become certified. What’s more, Apple requires its consultants to update their certifications regularly. This certification demonstrates an ongoing cycle of training and knowledge covering the full range of Apple products.
As members of this community of consultants, Resource One has access to thorough, up-to-date knowledge regarding Apple products, software and solutions. We don’t simply take the test periodically so we can make this brag—we consider it essential knowledge. We require this advanced skill set in order to maintain our high level of service.
Our staff, from project leaders to help desk support personnel, receives ongoing support and training to maintain this up-to-date proficiency.


We recognized that many clients have both Windows and Apple devices, and an increasing number of businesses have Apple only environments, so it made sense for us to ensure we could advise across both operating platforms. This also means, that no matter the operating environment, our clients don’t have to pull their valuable employees off the job to undergo such training to support their technology infrastructure themselves. We know that you can’t expect your employees to continually retrain on the minutia of data technology and support and still focus on their tasks within your organization. Technology simply evolves too quickly to keep up with as an aside to one’s “full-time job.”

At Resource One, technology mastery is our “full-time job.”