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Our Testimonials

We know we will provide you with excellent service, but don’t just take our word for it, just ask our clients! Check below to read several testimonials from our satisfied customers!

Deanna Palm

Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

“Without a dedicated IT person in the office, problems with our work stations or server would be a major disruption to our daily business. When there is a problem, fixing it is nearly a hands-off process for the chamber thanks to Resource One. Not only have they provided excellent customer service, they have also provided educational opportunities for the local business community.

Nearly 40 local business owners attended a free Windows 7 orientation workshop put on by Resource One. The Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce is happy to have them as members and recommend them for all of your IT needs.”

Gregory Harris, Esq

Harris & Bower LLP

“With Resource One in charge of our IT matters, nothing seems to slip past them. They don’t just fix the problem, but are always seeking out items that can enhance the operation of our system. Throughout a difficult implementation of third-party practice management software, they have been proactive in seeking out the best solutions to our issues.

Resource One allows us to concentrate on our business of providing innovative legal solutions for our clients. Resource One makes us money by allowing us to concentrate on our practice.”

Matthew Winningham

La Salle Catholic College Prep

“La Salle has had the pleasure of working with Resource One for over nine years under a Professional Services Agreement contract. Resource One has proven to be a reliable, cost-conscious partner in helping us maximize our investment in technology. I would highly recommend Resource One for any organization interested in outsourcing some or all of their IT Management needs.”

Peter M. Wingrove

Pastini Pastaria Restaurants

“Resource One has been our “in-house” IT Manager for over 5 years now and they have been a key player in our growth of the Pastini Restaurants. They have been a valued partner in the design, implementation and maintenance of our systems. Resource One personnel are very timely in their response to our needs and innovative in solving our IT problems – they are someone you need in your corner to succeed.”

Mitch Karp

RSG Forest Products

“I’m not an expert in the computer area…but I am an expert in the area of companies that sell you the moon and then disappear. Resource One is a first rate company. They do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.”

Diane Jarvis

Legend Homes

“We at Legend Homes feel that Resource One is part of our family. It’s not just that they have provided our IT support for over 10 years, but also the exceptional service provided that makes them a valued contributor to our business. Each decision has been made as if our business were their own personal business, each project has been approached as if the outcome truly mattered no matter how small the request, and it’s all done in a prompt, friendly, and fun-loving manner.”

Kalle Merilo

Coe Auto Group/Speed’s Towing

“Over two years ago, we selected Resource One for our IT support requirements for several reasons. The level of collective expertise of computers and networking among their engineers is very high. They are available for immediate support whenever urgent problems arise regardless of the day or time. As technology advances, they guide our IT growth to ensure we operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Resource One repeatedly provides us with outstanding technical support, and always strives to educate us about the operation and maintenance of our systems. I wholeheartedly recommend Resource One to any organization seeking a proactive and professional IT support team.”

Shirine Keman

Westside Drywall & Insulation Inc

“We at Westside drywall developed our business off a handshake and a hand written proposal – as technology evolved we concentrated on sharpening our skills on the trades we provide. With the help of Resource One we have been able to offer better services and more timely communication.

Their staff is very knowledgeable about cutting-edge materials that we couldn’t even scratch the surface on, with updating software, remote support, updating licensing, networking systems and just as simple as calling them and getting suggestions on improvements. Resource One gets our utmost respect and highest recommendations.”

Steve Cartales

Delta Fire Inc.

“Resource One has been a valued business partner for more than 4 years. Their attention to detail and seamless support has allowed us to focus on our business. They have been able to implement new systems & platforms over the years that have made our job easier and more efficient, thereby making us a stronger company.”

Tom Hauge

Quality Production Limited

“Quality Production Limited is a mid-sized manufacturing company and our IT infrastructure is the backbone of our organization. Currently we have four servers, over fifty workstations, multiple remote connections, a Blackberry server, and various pieces of networked manufacturing equipment. The complexity of our system and the number of users had outgrown our previous provider. We contracted Resource One to help get our network back under control.

Resource One’s fast service, 24-hour remote monitoring and weekly visits keep all of our systems running smoothly. When there is a problem, Resource One is here immediately to solve it and get us back up and running. Turning over all our IT requirements to Resource One is one of the best decisions I made.”

David Adelsheim

Adelsheim Vineyard

“Over the years, our IT systems have grown really complex, with people working from the road and on Blackberries, a separate server for point-of-sale, and offices in two locations. All of this needs to work as one system. Resource One is the third IT company we’ve used, so it is with some perspective that I am able to say that they are extremely responsive and reliable. Most problems are solved immediately with a phone call.

Bigger problems, requiring that a technician to come to our winery, are dealt with appropriately – either same day if our system is crippled or a little longer if the problem is only a high frustration. And they find us great deals on equipment and licenses, thereby saving us huge amounts of time. I can recommend them to others in our industry without hesitation.”

John Bishop

McKanna Bishop Joffe LLP

“McKanna Bishop Joffe & Arms, LLP could not be more pleased with the prompt, thorough and efficient service we receive from Resource One, Inc. We are a relatively small law office and we work for clients that cannot afford to pay for a lot of fancy overhead costs. We are delighted to have found a company that handles every computer problem we can throw at them with speed and little to no interruption in our regular workday. We’re lawyers, not computer whizzes.

The great folks at Resource One let us do what we do best and they take care of all our computer needs, working mostly in the background, practically unnoticed by us. We’re extremely pleased to have found this company.”

Robert Verant

Elk Cove Vineyards

“By partnering with Resource One we have been able to leverage their IT expertise and concentrate on what we do best – making and selling wine. They have provided top notch service and support from day one and are always just an email or phone call away. Their knowledgeable technicians walked us through an extremely complicated network upgrade and transition with almost no downtime on our system. In short, our network and work environment have been immensely streamlined and are much more productive than ever. I can emphatically recommend Resource One to anyone in our industry looking for an IT partner.”

Dan Sato

MacColl Busch Sato

“We interviewed several companies to handle our IT requirements. Resource One presented us with a professional and cost efficient service plan semi-tailored to fit the needs of our firm. We have not been disappointed with the promises Resource One made during their presentation.

Namely, almost instant access to a specialist dedicated to our firm, reasonable prices and help with predicting and alleviating future problems with our system. We are very pleased with the total package Resource One has offered us.”

Laurent Montalieu

Northwest Wine Company

“Resource One is the right partner for us when it comes to managing our IT. We trust them to keep our networks running and our data safe as we can’t afford downtime. When we have an issue we know that they are going to be there to help when we call and that is becoming rare in today’s world. With all of the things in our business that I have to worry about, it is nice that I trust Resource One to keep our network running smoothly.”

Bernard Lacroute

Willakenzie Estate Winery

“Willakenzie Estate Winery has been a customer of Resource One for over 10 years. Although we are a small business, we have a fairly complex computer network to manage and Resource One has provided the level of service and sophistication we require. Particularly important to us is the 24/7 service provided by Resource One. The network can never go down and they have done a good job keeping it that way.”

Michael Parent

St. Andrew Nativity School

“They analyzed our system and created a very reliable and efficient one. In addition, they have an impressive response time to any issues that have arisen. Resource One has been a great partner and I would highly recommend them.”

Doug Sparks

Colson & Colson General Contractors

“The past 5 years, Resource One, Inc. has allowed me to single-handedly manage the IT infrastructure of the nation’s largest Retirement Community Builder, Colson & Colson General Contractor, Inc. When an issue requires elevation, or if I just need an extra hand or two, they are right there, an email or phone call away, and I never feel like I have to micro-manage them…once they take the reins I know the resolution will be swift and minimally intrusive to the end user. We have projects in almost every time zone around the world, so my support window is 24 hours, and ROI is crucial for a quick response to a Manager or Assistant with a problem affecting workflow on a 20 million dollar project.

I’ve tried other local solutions, but they collectively fall flat… Resource One and their Managed Services have allowed me to boast minimal downtime, seamlessly adapt to new technologies, and to succeed as an “Army of One,” as well as keeping our job costs low and IT availability high in these days of a struggling economy, allowing us to continue our operations where similar businesses have failed.”

Annie Shull

Raptor Ridge Winery

“We are completely satisfied with our experience with Resource One. We have had other IT service providers in the past, and at times none at all. The ease of doing business with ROI is the best part. Whenever we have a problem, we know we can call or email, and someone will be right on it. Not only do they fix things, but they educate us along the way.

We are never talked down to or made to feel that we are to blame for a problem or issue with our computers or server. We feel like valued customers at all times. And, we’ve experienced less downtime and faster repairs.”

Tyler Ellenson

Tyler’s Automotive

“Over the last several years the multiple locations of Tyler’s Automotive has relied on the expertise of Resource One. The timely customer service and expertise of Resource One, running multiple servers, desktops, industry software combined with multiple off site backup servers has allowed us to concentrate on servicing our customers.

Resource one has become our go to partner for support on all computers, printers, online communication including smart phone e-mail exchange integration and online security. No matter the question, I know the answer I get from Resource One, will have my best interest in mind. A trusted partner!


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