vCIO Services

Take advantage of enterprise-level IT expertise at small-business-size budgets.

Most small- to medium-sized businesses only dream of hiring a full-time CIO for expert insight and advice. By contracting virtual CIO (vCIO) services from Resource One, you get all the same technical expertise and the same commitment to your organization’s technical optimization, but without all the prohibitive overhead costs.

Just like outsourcing payroll processing, legal representation, or logistics services, a vCIO allows you to leverage outside expertise for the purpose of aligning your office technology with your business goals. Small- and medium-sized business owners are now able to take full advantage of high-level, big-picture perspectives on their IT from experienced professionals. We measure the success of our vCIO Service by its impact on your organization.

Resource One’s vCIO Service gives you:

  • Regular Business Reviews - so we can help obtain your business objectives through technology
  • Big Picture Planning – from deeply experienced vCIO personnel with long histories of implementing new IT solutions across industries
  • Technical Expertise – equipped with executive-level tools, recommendations, and strategies that ensure robust and always-available networks and servers
  • Long term budgeting - working close with finance departments to manage and maintain predictable IT related expenditures
  • Regular Reporting – so your key stakeholders get ongoing status updates about your IT performance

"As if our business were their own"

Each decision has been made as if our business were their own personal business, each project has been approached as if the outcome truly mattered no matter how small the request, and it’s all done in a prompt, friendly, and fun-loving manner.

Diane Jarvis

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